Educational file for teachers du premier cycle

  • Of junior classes
  • Of senior classes
  • Organizers of Holiday Camps or Leisure Centres
  • Youth workers
  • Organisers of extra-curricular activities etc…

The butterfly garden is not only a magical and fascinating place where delicious smells and colours are all around, but it is also a place for teaching and learning. This is a magnificent place for children to explore and experience the mysterious beauty of nature.

In order to help you with this role, we have created an educational file in partnership with the Alsace CRDP (regional centre for learning documents). This PDF file may be downloaded free of charge in order to help you prepare your visit to the park. The part for pupils may be adapted to the level of the class or used directly by photocopying it.

As always, the best part is left to the end… discover our special offer for your pupils on page 15 of the educational file.