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Walk among hundreds of living exotic butterflies


Le Jardin des papillons will be open on July 14th during regular hours. A great opportunity to come in large numbers and marvel at our exotic butterflies in Hunawihr, on the Alsace Wine Route.


Magic, color, and suddenly we’re children again, marveling… Oh, what luck! Look, one has landed on my arm! It’s time to sit on the bench, soak in the bucolic atmosphere, and set aside the camera to fully embrace the moment… The lady at the reception, with a rare kindness and authenticity, showcases her magnificent works in the adjacent shed. I was captivated! (translate from french)

Lou L – Novembre 2023

This is my second visit, and I still love it just as much! Plan for 1 to 1.5 hours on-site. The souvenir shop at the exit is reasonably priced (a rarity). Wheelchair accessible. The butterflies are free to roam, sometimes landing on you. (translate from french)

Chris D – Août 2023

The greenhouse is a haven of peace and serenity where butterflies flutter freely, a true delight for the eyes. There are numerous exotic species, including some like the elusive blue morpho that are impossible to photograph because they are constantly in motion. (translate from french)

Nathalie R – Août 2023

A very enjoyable visit, a little haven of peace amidst the butterflies. The tour is quick, taking about 20 minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can take your time, sit on a bench, and with a bit of luck, a butterfly might land on you. (translate from french)

France M – Mai 2023

A small but truly charming garden. The butterflies are approachable and sometimes even land on you without hesitation. The setting is truly beautiful, with lovely plants. I highly recommend it. (translate from french)

Morgane – Octobre 2023

There are many beautiful flowers, abundantly filled with colors right from the entrance, presented beautifully. The garden is also very lovely, and the greenhouse is equally charming with its stunning butterflies. Perhaps I’m a bit demanding, maybe because I enjoyed this visit… but it would be great if it were larger. Nonetheless, I highly recommend the visit, and we will gladly return. (translate from french)

Gregory M – Août 2023


On the wine route between two of the greatest Alsatian tourist sites,
Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr, and only 20 minutes from the Château du
Haut-Kœnigsbourg, we present to you for the greatest pleasure of the
eyes, a fascinating collection of exotic butterflies, living freely
among lush flora.

The visitor walks among hundreds of butterflies from Africa, Asia
and America and thus discovers the hidden life of these jewels of nature.


During your visit you will have the opportunity to discover a multitude of interactive content, thanks to the free application. Download it now to maximize your visit and enjoy the fun and educational discovery, videos and content automatically recognized by your phone, when you direct it towards the Garden panels.

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